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1. Rainfall Analysis for the Design of Storm Sewers in Bombay, Journal of Institution of Engineers (India) , EN, Oct. 1977
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2. Rainfall Considerations in Storm Drainage Systems- Case Studies, Proceedings of International Afro-Asian Conference, Mumbai, March 1993
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3. Rainfall Intensities and 26/7 Floods in Mumbai, Journal of Indian Water Works Association, July-Sept. 2005
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4. A Second Look at BRIMSTOWAD
Proceedings of Seminar on Storm Water Drainage System-Design and Practice
Indian Water Works Association, Mumbai Center Mumbai, Oct. 2005
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5. Basic Design Concepts for Urban Storm Water Drainage Systems
Proceedings of 40th Annual Convention, Indian Water WorksAssociation, Indore, Feb. 2008
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6. Analysis of Rainfall Intensities and Tides for Storm Water Management in Mumbai
Proceedings of National Seminar on Sustainable Environment, VJTI, Mumbai, Dec. 2009
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7. Design of Urban Storm Water Drainage Systems, Seminar, Thane Municipal Corporation, Thane
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8. Capacity of  Storm Water Drainage Systems in Mumbai, Report on Assessment of Carrying Capacity of Mumbai, Conservation Action Trust, Mumbai, 2010
9. Storm Water Drainage System in Mumbai,
Presentation to Facts Finding  Committee.Govt. of Maharashtra, Sept. 2005
10. Rainfall Analysis for Storm Water Management
Seminar, Institution of Engineers, India, Mumbai, Jan 2013
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1. Water Softening
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2. Dairy Waste Treatment & Disposal
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33. Design Peak Factor for Water Distribution Networks Under Intermittent Supply Conditions, Jan 2000
34. Oxygen Profile for Polluted Streams, JIWWA 1973


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Manual On Water Demand Assessment For Urban Water Supply Projects By: S.D.Chawathe

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