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Suresh, Prathamesh, Dnyanesh and Kalpesh are excellent artists. They are a Singer, Dancer, Painter and Actor but not necessarily in that order.
    1. Suresh and Prathamesh attended a concert by the Singer.
    2. The Painter had painted portraits of Kalpesh and the Actor and had exhibited them in an exhibition.
    3. The Actor gave free passes of his new play to Dnyanesh and Suresh.
    4. Suresh and Prathamesh are not known to each other.
  Can you identify the names of the Singer, the Dancer, the Painter and the Actor ?

This game can be played by two players.They start with 33 beads. Both players, turn by turn take away a number of beads between 1 to 5. At the end , when all the beads have been taken away, each player counts the total number of beads he has taken away. The player with the odd number of beads is
the winner.
Can you find out the strategy for winning this game?

The tutor was checking if  Gopal knew how  addition of two Numbers is performed .Both of them sat across a table with a  sheet of paper between them. The tutor wrote down the     following two numbers on the paper

“ Now if we add these numbers, the result would be 11517. I hope you agree with me” The tutor said.
“ Well madam, I think the result should be 10257. Can you tell why Gopal disagreed with the tutor?